Travel Tips- 7 Wonders Tips For Safeguarding Your Luggage

Tourists being unaware of the place or inattentive to their luggage are easy victim of smart thieves. Curious natives trying to befriend and offering some help may end up stealing goods. Some natives offer themselves as tourist guides at cheap rates by making false claims of being a needy student or unemployed.

They often speak good English. First they win your confidence and then get away with your valuables. If you want services of a tourist guide, pick one from an authorized tourist center and try to get their credentials verified by the appropriate authority.

Here are some precious travel tips for safety of luggage and valuables

1. Baggage Travel Insurance Is First and Must

Start your safety with insurance. Insuring your baggage may not bring back your favorite items, but it will bring you the peace of mind in your financial terms.

2. Never Display Huge Amount of Cash in Public

You must carry smaller amount and change in your front pocket for frequent use. Keep your purse and wallet close to your body. One simple trick is to tie a rubber band across the purse, which will hinder it from being pick-pocketed.

3. Keep Limited Number of Credit Cards with You

Make sure you remember the credit card number and the phone number to report any loss of card immediately.

4. Women’s Travel Safety Tips

Women should take special care of jewelry. Do not display expensive jewelry. It is better to wear artificial jewelry or no jewelry at all while traveling. Try to use compact ornaments, which cannot be pulled away easily.

5. Travel Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Senior people should carry very light bags. It is suggested to purchase cheap clothes in the destination country and dispose them off. Heavy bags with attractive items such as camera and mobile phone in hands of senior and weak people easily tempt criminals and burglars.

6. Travel Safety Tips for Kids

Kids should not be handed over big amount of cash, credit cards, jewelry or expensive electronic goods. Try to get them cheap local watches instead of expensive watches. This will not only save money but also save them from being harassed.

7. Bus Travel Safety Tips

While traveling in a bus, make sure the luggage is stored and tied up safely. If you have a seat beside window, keep the window closed while bus is halted or caught up in traffic jams.

Useful Travel Tips To Get Affordable Disney Vacations

Looking for tips and advice on affordable Disney vacations could help to plan a family vacation a lot easier by helping the travelers to find out what activities they would like to do before they ever leave their home. By doing a proper research, visitors are able to see what accommodations are available they can afford, where are the best eating places, and what places of interest will be a must see on their trip. It is really important to be well prepared when going on vacations to Disneyland, to avoid all the hassles that may happen when traveling to an unknown destination.

Disney World seems to be a really magical spot, filled with several of the most beloved characters known in the United States. Yearly hundreds of thousands of families visit Disneyland, making it one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States. It is really a memorable experience, full of atmosphere, sounds of levity, and entertainment not available at any other place around the globe. Because there are so many things to do and see, most families taking advantage of knowing some travel tips before they get started their vacation.

The Walt Disney World website itself is one of the best resources for getting helpful travel advice. This website is full of valuable information about everything Disney World has to offer, from resorts to all kind of entertainment to the places of interest at the parks themselves. It is really easy getting tips for your trip to Disney World on that website, because you can find there whole sections related to what other people favored the best about their visiting. In many cases at that place you will get the most currently updated and most exact information about Disney World.

Disneyland has opened the doors in 1971. Since that time so many information was written about that place. There are a lot of resources including websites targeted traveler reviews. There are also several travel guides that can be found in bookstores, travel agencies, or may be got off by the Disney Company themselves. Most travel guides come with information about hotels, resorts and campgrounds, eating places, theme parks, and points of interest close to Disneyland. On the travel guides you should look at publishing dates to make certain the information they come with is up to date.

Another great resource for getting travel tips when considering to go on affordable Disney vacations are web sites that allow people to express their honest opinions about destinations that they have visited. These websites provide useful information what other tourists did or did not like about their holidays. On the traveler’s review site many things will be unfold, if an establishment is not clean, the service is poor or an eating house systematically over cooks its dishes. Then again, if someone has found an exciting place off the beaten track close the theme parks, she will allow other people to know about this place. No matter if the reviews are either good or bad, travelers get an honest opinion not spun by marketing. If a review site says many times that something is really advisable, there is a good chance it will be even as good as qualified.

10 Travelling Tips to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

Here are some of our top tips for travelling and making the most out of your Gap Year provided by Budget-Backpacking.

1. Keep Your Plans Flexible Planning is all well and good, for instance who wants to turn up to a train station and realise the only ride they could have caught was the day before, and the whole place is closing for a holiday. DO NOT however over plan.

When you leave home you should only have a general idea of where you’re going to go and the flights for them places booked. A good idea is to say ill give myself 3 months to get from Nepal to Singapore. Apart from the flight in and the flight out travel anywhere you want and stay as long as you want.

The best travel guide you can own is from speaking to other backpackers. Most likely within a few days people will have told you the best places to visit and you’ll be getting an idea of the route to take in your head. Planning everyday in advance before you leave your trip will only make you miss the best places, stay longer in places you don’t like and not spend long enough in the places you love.

This is by far the most important travelling tip you can have. Make sure you use it!

2. Money Isn’t Everything Money is not everything. Don’t get me wrong it’s very important to keep within your daily budget and make them coins go as far as possible. All that i’m saying is don’t miss out on an opportunity for the sake of a bit of money.

A gap year is a once in a life experience. Don’t decide to not have these experiences because you can’t afford them at that time. Get yourself into debt, scrounge off your family, work overtime for years to come, just make sure you aren’t looking back on the trip of a lifetime saying I wish I did that.

3. Get to Know Each Other Travelling is a social extravaganza. Think about it. Almost every day you are meeting strangers from countries far and wide. Your gap year is just as much about seeing the country as it is meeting locals and fellow travellers. If your a bit shy getting to know people don’t worry, it’s not as if you haven’t got anything to talk to them about. You will find the same conversation starters always pop up: Where are you from? Where have you been? Where are you going? These 3 questions, as annoying and repetitive as you may find them at the end of your trip, will let you start to know your other travellers. Friendships will shortly follow after and this is what is guaranteed to make your trip fun.

4. Keep an Open Mind Be it with eating some strange exotic food or throwing yourself out of a plane above the glorious beaches of Australia. Managing to keep an open mind and fully enrolling yourself in all the amazing experiences will ensure you never get bored on your gap year. It’ll also give you loads of amazing stories to impress people back home.

5. Guide Books Are Only Guides You’re likely to take one of the Lonely Planet guide books with you on your travels. Although as useful and informative as these are, remember they are only meant as a guide. Don’t treat it like the bible!

Many people get to a place, look in the guide book, and do exactly what it says. Resist the urge to follow it completely and go explore yourselves. Of course i’m not saying don’t do anything that they recommend, actually I’d suggest to do them, just don’t think that’s all there is to see.

6. Make Memories Your gap year trip is going to be a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever. Well not necessarily. Within a few months or even weeks of being somewhere you’re likely to forget certain things. To ensure you capture every detail, take a digital camera and go snap happy. I find its better to take lots of pictures with you in them, preferably doing stupid poses, and then when you look back at them in years to come it will bring a smile and remind you of that time. Taking pictures of just a building or view, may be nice but don’t make it your whole collection. These pictures could just have easily been taken by someone else or seen in a magazine. Make it personal, you won’t regret it.

On the same note, don’t just stick to photos for memories. Get souvenirs from every place you go. It doesn’t have to be something big due to the problems associated with carrying it, just some jeweler or even a pebble off the beach. This reminds me of something seen on Saving Private Ryan where he collects sand from all the countries he’s been to.

7. Have Some Alone Time If you’re travelling in a small group say 2 or 3 people for a long time, you will annoy each other. The close proximity, and being with them for the majority of the day, every day will soon take its toll. This is bound to happen however good friends you are. To try an avoid this, once in a while have a day to yourself and do whatever you want without the others. Your friendship will be strengthened and you’ll all be much happier.

8. Beat the Boredom Unfortunately as exciting as travelling is, there is also huge amount of boredom. Waiting around will undoubtedly take up a large portion of your holiday. To beat the boredom take an iPod, book, pack of cards and pen and paper. You’ll be grateful for them.

9. Keep a Diary Try to keep a diary of what you do and how you feel. Although boring and time consuming at the time of writing, you will definitely look back on it when old and wrinkled and make it all worthwhile. As I mentioned in another section of this site Off Exploring do a great online diary that you can also post picture on and let people back home send you messages. These all then get printed out and put in a book for you at the end of your gap year.

For the Average Traveler Who Needs Money Saving Travel Tips

Many families are finding it hard to come up with the money to take a vacation, with the rise in prices for almost everything in the last few years. But taking a vacation does not have to be expensive. There are many money saving travel tips to be found to save the average traveler a lot of money.

Regardless of age or income, everyone can benefit from money saving travel tips. Whether aiming for a four-star, week-long vacation or a weekend getaway, there are travel tips that can save you money to be found with a little searching. These tips can save you money on everything from hotels, to airfare, to food.

Money Saving Travel Tips For Lodging

One of the best money saving travel tips for saving money on lodging is compare prices. Prices for hotel rooms can vary greatly, even if the hotels are located close to each other. If booking a hotel room online, check several different sites for the same hotel rooms. Chances are the price on one site will be lower than the prices on other sites. Another way to save is with a Travel Membership.

Another tip for saving on lodging is” try to be flexible”. For example, in Hilton Head, a hotel room with an ocean view is more than twice as much per night than the hotel room with all of the same amenities but without an ocean view directly across the street. If you are intending to spend your vacation days on the beach, an ocean view may not be necessary and that extra money could be spent towards something else. With a little research, money saving travel tips can save you quite a bit of money over the length of your vacation.

Money Saving Travel Tips For Dining

One of the biggest expenses of any vacation is food. With some money saving travel tips and a little prior planning, you can minimize the amount that you will pay for dining. The first tip is to research restaurants in the area before leaving on vacation. This way you know what types of restaurants are in the area and the price ranges for these restaurants. Many people on vacation walk into a restaurant that they have never been in before and pay a much higher price than they intended to spend for the meal. By choosing which restaurants you will eat in before you leave for the trip, you will eliminate the possibility of sticker shock when you see the menu.

One of the most overlooked money saving travel tips for dining is to request from the city you are planning to travel to, a guide to the local restaurants. Many of these guides include money saving coupons to restaurants in the area to entice you into eating there. Whether the coupon is for 10% off or 50% off, they are still saving you money you would have had to spend anyway. By doing a little research and learning some money saving travel tips, a vacation does not have to be as expensive as expected.

You can also get lodging that comes with a fully equipped kitchen, so you can cook some of your own meals. Most places you vacation have a local grocery store or deli near by. This is a great way to save. On a romantic get away you can do breakfast in bed and be spoiled by your love. If you have the family with you, having a kitchen will save you a ton of money on food. Just make sure Mom gets a break from the kitchen. Remember, this is her vacation too.

Airline Travel – Tips for Flying Overseas on Business

Planning your overseas business trip should include making reservations as soon as your company confirms the trip. The seasoned traveler always plans to arrive the night before a scheduled meeting to avoid stress, missed flights, and jet lag.

Your travel agent will be aware of the plane’s layout, and should reserve a seat with the most leg room. The agent should also request your boarding pass and any special meal requirements in advance.

The seasoned traveler has a plan to avoid canceled flights. Many business executives double book flights with another airline carrier as a backup. This practice is a major cause of overbooked flights, so make sure unused reservations are canceled by your agent or office. If your flight is canceled, use The Official Airline Pocket Flight Guide to calculate your own rerouting, or call your travel agent or another airline. Don’t stand in line and wait for an attendant to reschedule you.

Overseas Travel Tips

Business casual is the best mode of dress. Avoid wearing clothing that broadcasts your nationality.

Register laptop computers and cameras with customs before you leave.

Use a credit or debit card with a four-digit numeric code. (Many ATM machines outside North America accept only four-digit PINs.)

Bring two copies each of the first past of your passport and photograph, important documents and telephone numbers, and credit cards with the customer relations telephone numbers in case you need to report a lost card. Keep one set of all this information with you, another set in your luggage.

800 numbers may not work outside the United States and Canada. Before you leave, call your bank and credit card companies to obtain their non-800 numbers so you can reach them in an emergency.

If you need cash, wire it through your bank or have a cashier’s check or money order sent to your hotel. Register with the Department of State before you leave. The Department can arrange for a small loan to carry you over until you can replenish your funds.

Obtain a list of recommended doctors in the countries you will be visiting through The Bureau of Consular Affairs before you leave on your trip. The Bureau of Consular Affairs website is

Bring a letter from your doctor stating your need for any medication, along with a copy of the prescriptions as proof of your need for it.

Carry all prescription medications in their original containers. Bring an extra pair of eyeglass or contact lenses.

When traveling globally, avoid coming across as a poster girl (or boy) for the image of The Ugly American. Wear business clothes and conduct yourself in a businesslike manner. You are representing yourself, your company, your country, and your culture. Research in advance the attitude and expectations of the culture you are visiting, and remember the old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Naomi Torre is a certified etiquette consultant and graduate of the prestigious The Protocol School of Washington. She is a leading authority in the etiquette and protocol industry, and is nationally recognized as an expert in her field. Naomi has appeared on BRAVO’S “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Naomi is the author of “A Gentleman’s Guide to Great Entertaining” and the creator of the DVD “Dining with Decorum.: